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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
     Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases across our state and Lexington county, the increase of COVID-19 cases within our own congregation, and wishing to keep our infections to a minimum, we will be transitioning back to one Service of Sunday Worship, beginning this Sunday morning, January 10th—at 9:30 AM.  Sunday Church School for children will continue to be suspended, as will Children’s Church and Nursery during worship time.  Adult Bible Study classes can each make their own arrangements as to meeting dates and times.
     Please continue to be aware that hearing the Worship Service from your vehicle while on our Boiling Springs UMC campus is still in effect—just tune your vehicle radio to FM station 87.9 for reception.  Additionally, we are currently exploring opening a ZOOM account, so that officers and committee members who have internet capability can participate and “attend” Church-related meetings while in the comfort of their own home, thereby eliminating physical contact with others.
     During Sunday Worship during the continuance of this pandemic, our bulletin will be simplified, with a minimum of congregational speaking and singing—even though we all know that “music is God’s language!”  Also, please practice social distancing, and continue to wear a mask, and keep it on during the Service.  Your cooperation and understanding will be appreciated. 
     It is our hope and prayer that the rapid distribution of approved vaccines will eliminate this pandemic soon.  Until that time is a reality, we must do our best to ensure the continuance of vital Christian ministry here, while protecting the lives of our members and friends from infection.  As always, your Church officers realize that we cannot “…please all of the people, all of the time,”  so please be cooperative and patient as we journey through these difficult times together.
Together in Christ,
Pastor Ken

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