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United Methodist Men

Elected officers for 2019 are:


President - Hal Hammond

Vice President - O. T. Bradley

Secretary/Treasurer - Roger Backman

Spiritual Advisor - Kenneth W. Prill

Liaison to Boy Scouts - O. T. Bradley


April 1, 2019
***MINUTES ***
Present:  Bob Pankow, Bob Hardee, Charles Taylor, Pastor Ken Prill, ML Taylor, Roger Backman, Ryan Lindler, Jordan Lindler, Jake Lindler, Paul Bass, OT Bradley, Wayne Ricard, Hal Hammond,
Butch Williams
Call to Order - Hal Hammond
Blessing - Pastor Ken Prill
Devotional - Pastor Ken opened with a devotional on attitude by Charles Swindoll.
Meal - Thank you to Bob Hardee & Charles Taylor for furnishing a meal of pizza, salad, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, tea & fresh squeezed lemonade
Treasurer Report - Roger Backman
- Building Fund total to date = $56,618.94
- Paving Fund total to date - $24,870.00
- Church General Building Fund- $32,325.22
Miscellaneous Business:
- Building plan was shown around.  It was suggested we see what skills people in order to keep costs down by doing some work ourselves. It was also suggested getting items for building kitchen from SC Surplus on Boston Avenue.  Hal will look into that.
The question came up about a tap fee for water when discussing tap on to existing line or put in own system. The question was “once you paid the fee was it for the whole property or just that one building”.  Sylvia has since asked Leonard Backman about this and he said the tap on fee was for the whole property.
Paving - Jason Scott is bringing equipment to grade, tamp down and add crush/run.
Mulch - being given away by Trustees if anyone wants it
Water drainage - will this be addressed by Leonard or Jason
Wide driveway entrance beside tree line of FMB - need Civil Engineer at DOT
$55 was collected.
Next Meeting - June 3, 2019  7:00 pm
Dismissal - Charles Taylor closed meeting with prayer.

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church - (803) 894-3930 / Pastor Ken Prill (803) 873-7742