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                                          Boiling Springs United Methodist Church

                                                           Sunshine Club Meeting

                                                                  October 4, 2021


Officers for 2021:

President – Johnnie Sue Hinson                                 Communications - Donna Chapman

Vice President – Sharon Gruetman                            Devotions – Jean Koon and Patsy Amick

Secretary/Treasurer – Pam Ricard                              Year Book Coordinators – JoAnn Gunter

                                                                                                                        and Rebecca Lutz


President Johnnie Sue Hinson welcomed everyone to today’s meeting and opened with prayer and pledges to the American flag and Christian flag.  We had 35 members present and 1 guest. 

Jean Koon led us in our devotions with scripture from I Peter 5:8.  She also read a excerpt from a devotional book titled As I Look Out of My Kitchen Window.  The text referred to the author noticing a swarm of Army worms destroying a tree.  Although they are small creatures, they are powerful and can destroy plants and trees very quickly.  These worms are just like our sins.  What may start out as a small misstep, if it continues to build and over power, it can devour our souls.  As we use bug spray on insects, we need to use the Bible, God’s word, to fight off the sin from our lives.

Johnnie Sue acknowledged members’ birthdays from October.  Those in attendance received a beautiful wooden angle pin created by Junius Craps.

Johnnie Sue then opened our Business Meeting with the Door Prize drawing for this month.  Wanda Shealy won the Grand Prize.  She received a precious hand-crafted porch/tree swing of a senior couple provided by our Junius Craps.

Our business meeting then continued with the following topics covered:

  1. Wayne Ricard asked that we start planning to attend our Revival services October 24 – 27.  Cody Harmon will be a featured pastor for Sunday morning.  We are encouraged to invite and bring family members or friends.
  2. Our November meeting will be a catered lunch.  Lizard’s Thicket will be preparing a meal featuring turkey and dressing.  Cost will be approximately $14 plus tax per plate.  Members are to contact Vice President Sharon Greutman if they plan to attend so we can have a headcount to order food.  If a member wishes to provide a dessert, please also let Sharon know.
  3. The Treasurer’s Report is available to anyone who has questions or would like to examine.
  4. Next month we will have the 2022 Food Group List available for all members to sign up to help provide a meal for one month next year.

Johnnie Sue introduced our entertainment for October.  Kenny Clark was our guest this month.  He sang a beautiful selection of Christian music which included “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me,” “Who Am I,” “Build My Mansion,” and “God on the Mountain.” 


Johnnie Sue thanked Kenny and closed our Business Meeting.  Pastor Prill offered a prayer and blessing of our absolutely delicious meal prepared by Bonny Clamp, Peggy Hughes, Sandra and Johnny Ballington, Judy Johnson, Donna Chapman.  They were assisted by the following members from our January Food Group:  Carolyn and Charles Taylor, Wanda and Lyndell Shealy, Charlene Harmon, Becky Mathias, Mabel Burdett, and Sharon and Tim Greutman.  We enjoyed fried chicken, gravy, rice, green beans, corn, potato salad, cole slaw, rolls, bundt cake, pies, coconut custard, blueberry crunch, 7-layer cake, banana pudding, turnovers, red velvet cake, cherry yum yum, tea, lemonade, or water.

Lastly Johnnie Sue reminded the members of the last available 40th Anniversary booklets of our BSUMC Sunshine Club.  This is an excellent historical accounting and beautifully pictured record of those who have paved the way for the blessing of our current Sunshine Club.

Our next meeting will be held November 1, 2021.


Respectfully submitted,

Pamela H. Ricard

Sunshine Club Secretary/Treasurer

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church

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