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                                                                          Boiling Springs United Methodist Church

        Sunshine Club Meeting        

December 7, 2020

Officers for 2020-2021:

President – Johnnie Sue Hinson                     Communications - Donna Chapman

Vice President – Sharon Greutman                Food Coordinator - Rebecca Lutz

Secretary/Treasurer - Pam Ricard                  Year Book - Rebecca Lutz and JoAnn Gunter

Devotions - Jean Koon and Patsy Amick                                                                  


President Johnnie Sue Hinson called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.  There were 26 members in attendance.  Devotions were delivered by Jean Koon.  Her scripture verses came from Psalms 78: 2-4.  She also included a story written by Darlene Harmon.  Christmas means different things to children and adults.  It is our responsibility to pass along our faith to our children and grandchildren.  Experiences of years past, gifts that last a lifetime, and our memories are all treasures to be shared.  Love covers up a lot of missteps and makes the ride worthwhile.

Johnnie Sue opened the Business Meeting by acknowledging five members celebrating their birthdays in December.  She also recognized six members of the Sunshine Club who passed away this year.  Several letters of appreciation were made available to the members thanking them for memorials made on behalf of those members.

Next on the agenda Johnnie Sue extended sincere appreciation to Sylvia Prill for faithfully gifting each member with a goodie bag of her sweetness each and every month.  Additionally, she and Pastor Prill gave each member in attendance a beautiful ornament for their tree (an Angel encased in a ball ornament or a bell inscribed with Joy to the World).

JoAnn Gunter has reported to Johnnie Sue that the 2021 Membership booklets are still being finalized.  Several members were not able to attend the November and December meetings to update their information.  Hopefully those booklets will be available by January or February.

Pat Cowell invited everyone to visit the Barnyard Flea Market next Friday for a Craft Show.  Many local artisans will be there to perhaps help find some gifts for those on our Christmas list.

In closing the Business Meeting, Johnnie Sue expressed appreciation to Sharon Greutman for the beautiful Christmas decorations and poinsettias.  Pastor Prill will be taking those poinsettias to our shut-ins this week.

Following our Business Meeting, Pastor Prill offered prayer and blessing over our meal provided by club members.  The meal included deviled eggs, ham and cheese sandwiches, shrimp and cocktail sauce, potato salad, pasta salad, smokies, pinwheel sandwiches, deviled ham biscuits, cheese straws, red velvet squares, chocolate peppermint cake, orange balls, pecan cake squares, tea and lemonade.

After our meal together, we enjoyed quite a fun-filled white elephant gift exchange.  The laughter and camaraderie were a welcome distraction from the Covid-19 pandemic.  The spirit of friendship and community could not be denied.

Next meeting – January 4, 2021.  The Praise Team from our church will provide our entertainment.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela H. Ricard

Sunshine Club Secretary/Treasurer

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church - (803) 894-3930 / Pastor Ken Prill (803) 873-7742

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church - (803) 894-3930 / Pastor Ken Prill (803) 873-7742