Sunshine Club
by JoAnn Gunter

                                     Officers for 2019:

                                     President--Janice Craps
                                     Vice President--Carolyn Taylor
                                     Secretary/Treasurer--JoAnn Gunter
                                     Devotions--Jean Koon and Patsy Amick
                                     Communications--Judy Johnson
                                     Food Coordinator--Rebecca Lutz
                                     Year Book--Rebecca Lutz and JoAnn Gunter
The Sunshine Club Meeting was held July 1, 2019.  Our entertainment was Singin' Steven.  Steven presented his GOD given talent by blessing us with some amazing  singing.  He sang many great gospel songs such as--"I Go To The  Rock", "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", "Beulah Land", "Peace In The Valley", "How Great Thy Art", "Until You Know The Love Of God", "While He Was On The Cross, I Was On His Mind".  He even sang "Blue Christmas" and two patriotic songs that sent chills over your body--"God Bless The USA" and "I'm Proud to Be An American."  It was greatly enjoyed by all.
There were 39 members and guest in attendance.  We welcomed our guest Larry Smith, Steven Craps, Helen Smith, Mary Withrow, Edith Leaphart, Catherine Gable, Carolyn Whittle, Lois Roof, Mandy Bodie and Gena Bodie.
We had a great meal provided by everyone bringing picnic style dishes..  Our meal consisted of potato salad, pasta salad, sandwiches, deviled eggs, chips, dips, marinated wieners, casseroles, watermelon, fruit tray, vegetable tray, cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, chocolate delight, just to name a few.
Next meeting--August 5, 2019--We will be going out to eat at Oceanview Restaurant in Cayce.
JoAnn H. Gunter
Sunshine Club Secretary/Treasurer
Boiling Springs United Methodist Church

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church - (803) 894-3930 / Pastor Ken Prill (803) 873-7742