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News-and-“Do’s” for Those-in-the-Pews

PALM SUNDAY -- March 28, 2021 and following…

REGULAR WEEKLY SERVICES, CLASSES AND GROUPS Sunday 8:30 AM: SERVICE OF WORSHIP with Praise Team and Guests... (Church Sanctuary) 10:30 AM: SERVICE OF WORSHIP with Organ/Chimes/Piano and Chancel Choir Join us at Worship in our Sanctuary, depending on your favorite style of music. A Children’s Message will be at both services. As we come back together during what we hope is the ending of this COVID-19 pandemic, let us be about truly “…making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” by our “…prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.”

Monday 6:30 PM: DAISIES, BROWNIES & GIRL SCOUTS (Scout House) We meet “normally” on the first, third and fifth Mondays of each month. All girls from elementary through high school age are invited to be a part of the great Girl Scout experience with us. Kayla Abney and Sylvia Backman are our Girl Scout Troop Co-Leaders. .

Wednesday 6:30 to 8:00 PM “WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS!” (Family Ministries Building) Fun activities, Bible study classes and a light supper for all ages of children and adults. For further information, please see/call Sandra Padgett (803-359-6942). (MEETINGS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19)

6:30 to 7:30 PM YOUTH GROUP (Family Ministries Building—Youth Room) Our Youth Group will be meeting each week in our Youth Room and live-streaming on their Facebook page Through the end of May. Join them for prayer, fun and fellowship. All teens, including Church member families and our community friends, are invited. Ben and Melissa Treaster are our youth coordinators, assisted by Sheila Mack and Tina Wooten.

7:00 PM: CHOIR REHEARSAL (Church Basement) We welcome any and all who can “Make a joyful noise!” Dot Black is our Choir Director.

Thursday 7:00 PM: CUB SCOUT PACK & BOY SCOUT TROOP #389 (Scout House) Our own Pack and Troop here at BSUMC are open to any and all boys, from first graders through eighteen years of age. Wayne Watkins (803-569-9816) is our Scoutmaster, and Dustin Gunter is our Assistant Scoutmaster.

“ W A L K E R S ! ” (Family Ministries Building) …is a great way to join with friends and start or end your day while walking off some unwanted pounds and getting some great low-impact exercise. “Walkers” meets rain or shine! Monday, Wednesday, & Friday – 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

“HEARTS & HANDS!” …at the Pankow’s: (803) 892-5714) – 284 Liberty Hill Rd.) Friends (yes, both men and women) get together to make surgical caps, caps for children with cancer, infant cap and blanket sets, quilts and stuffed pillows for distribution at the Prisma Health Richland Children’s Hospital and other places. We meet at 7:00 PM on the first Monday and the third Tuesday of the month. (MEETINGS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC)

Sunday, March 28th at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM P A L M S U N D A Y Today is PALM SUNDAY, as we celebrate and commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of HOLY WEEK. There will be special music by our Praise Band and Chancel Choir. Palms will be distributed, along with organza bags for our “Thirty Pieces of Silver” offering.

Thursday, April 1st at 7:00 PM M A U N D Y T H U R S D A Y We will celebrate the Last Supper of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with Holy Communion at this special Service. Our Chancel Choir will lead us in music, as we remember Jesus’ celebration of the Passover, and His betrayal and denial by those closest to Him.

Friday, April 2nd at 7:00 PM G O O D F R I D A Y Our traditional Tenebrae Service of Remembrance will be celebrated, with the extinguishing of candles as Scripture is read. Meditation music will accompany the Service. We will end the evening with the Stripping of the Altar as we reflect on the events of the day, leaving the Sanctuary in silence…

Sunday, April 4th at 6:30 AM E A S T E R D A W N S E R V I C E Our day of celebration of the Risen Christ begins with an Easter Sunrise Service outside under our Harvel W. Koon Covered Walkway. Music will be led by our Praise Band! We’ve reserved bright sunlight and warm weather, as we join with those who went to anoint the body of our Lord Jesus, only to find the tomb empty! Jesus Christ Is Risen, Indeed! at

7:30 AM E A S T E R B R E A K F A S T Juice and coffee, along with a hot Easter breakfast with all the trimmings, will be prepared and served by our United Methodist Men. All are invited to dine with us on this glorious Easter Day! at

8:30 AM A D U L T B I B L E S T U D Y Come and join with us, as we take a look at the most important day of the Christian year—the day that caused a revolution in the hearts, minds and souls of the world! at

9:30 AM S P E C I A L T R A D I T I O N A L S E R V I C E THE GLORY OF EASTER is celebrated at this special Service, including our Chancel Choir, solo musical selections, traditional hymns and our beautiful altar—decorated beautifully by donated Easter lilies and other flowers. Today is the day to come and celebrate what it truly means to be a Christian! Bring your friends and family on this Holy Day!

Monday, April 5 th at 11:00 AM at the Ocean View Restaurant All adult members and their friends are invited to come to the SUNSHINE CLUB for fun and fellowship, along with a great lunch and program. Featured speakers and entertainment make this a most enjoyable time. This month, we will celebrate our “Back to Normal” with lunch at the Ocean View Restaurant on Knox Abbot Road in Cayce—please join us! YOU MUST WEAR A MASK! Johnnie Sue Hinson (803-331-9122) is our President. at 7:00 PM

Our UNITED METHODIST MEN meet in the Family Ministries Building for a delicious dinner, fellowship and our monthly business meeting. Our service to the Church is our priority in ministry, and we also help sponsor our Boy Scout Troop #389. Come join with us, won’t you? Hal Hammond (803-206-1487) is our President.

Monday, April 19th at 7:00 PM Our BOARD OF TRUSTEES meets this evening. The Board is responsible for the real property of the Church, as well as the management of its investment funds, in consultation with the Committee on Financial Ministries. We must have a quorum of at least five (5) elected Trustees, so if you are unable to attend, please see/text/call President Danny Backman or Vice President Joel Keisler. Our new Board includes Danny Backman, Leonard Backman, Guy Bouknight, Kellen Craft, Rene Fernet, Kenny Henrick, Joel Keisler, Lyndell Shealy and Tim Wooten.

Thursday, April 29th at 6:30 PM PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN REGULAR MEETING DATE!!! The STAFF PARISH RELATIONS COMMITTEE will meet this evening. We are required to meet, per our Book of Discipline, on at least a quarterly basis. We are the liaison for advice and feedback between the Pastor and other paid staff, and our congregation. Committee members include Dot Black, Jacob Bowdler, Orrin T. Bradley, Tabitha Campana, Kathy Hardee, Melissa Kaufholz, Kathryn Koon, Chairperson Ryan Lindler, Janet Price, Vice Chair Susan Sheldon, Carolyn Taylor, and Pastor Ken. If you will be unable to attend the meeting, please give Ryan Lindler, Susan Sheldon, or Pastor Ken a call.

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