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I sometimes think about all the pastors who have served Boiling Springs. The number is large – I remember 27. These 27 represent different styles of worship and preaching.
To my knowledge, none of them have come out of retirement as our current pastor, Rev. Ken Prill has.For a while they were content, but you can only manicure a lawn so much. Then there was a calling and a need at Boiling Springs due to a resignation.
Five years have passed since our current Pastor came, and here we are, and the church has continued to be strong in some areas and weak in others. So, in what direction are we headed? We don’t know the future, but we know WHO holds the future. Our folks often revolve around “I” and “me” and “be sure I get credit for this”. Is this building a strong church?
Our former pastors have an interesting, if not unusual, history. In the last 60 years the following has occurred…
7 Continued to Preach
3 Left the Ministry Entirely
2 Retired
1 Became a College President
1 Became a District Superintendent
1 Took Medical Leave
1 Changed Denominations
1 Resigned
So, as our work continues here at Boiling Springs UMC, history will show which pastors have been more successful than others, and which congregations they have served worked with them to advance the ministry of Jesus Christ!
Charles Taylor
For genealogical purposes, we would like to have all families of the church recorded for future generations. If you are interested in participating, you can do so by completing one of the family genealogy forms which can be obtained from our church Historians, Charles and Carolyn Taylor or the church office.
The completed forms will be filed in a locked file in the History and Archives Room.

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