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Indoor Worship Services/COVID


                                                                                     June 9, 2020


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


     Our Leadership Team* of senior officers has met via e-mail and have developed the following plan for resuming in-person activities.

  • Provided that current re-opening strategies do not result in increased risk, we have resumed in-person worship in our Sanctuary.  A nursery will NOT be provided, nor will Sunday Church School resume at this time.  We will have one Service at 9:00 AM . 
  • We have resumed some small groups and regular Church meetings..
  • Use of the Family Ministries Building may also resume on July 1st.   Users must follow current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for safe gatherings.
   I am pleased to announce that beginning this coming Sunday--August 9th, we will now have an FM Transmitter in operation.  This will enable us to broadcast the audio portion of our Sunday Worship Service into our Church parking lot, for those who feel uneasy sitting in person in the Sanctuary.
   Please park anywhere on Church property near the Sanctuary building, and tune your radio to frequency 97.7 -- You will be able to hear the Service in real-time, as it is happening.
   Our thanks to our anonymous donor, and our thanks to Neil Craps (our audio/visual guru) for ordering and installing this needed device. We hope this will afford more of our members and friends a closer worship experience.
   Blessings to all of you, and pray that this pandemic will soon be over, and we may return to whatever our "new normal" will be.
And the Journey Continues...
Pastor Ken



     Please DO NOT feel obligated to be at Church.  If you are experiencing ANY flu or cold-like symptoms, have traveled to any high-alert area, have any reason to believe you may be infected, or have any reservations regarding inside Worship at this time, we encourage you to be pro-active in the protection of yourself and others and to please REMAIN AT HOME.

     The Service will continue to be recorded and broadcasted on our app, website and YouTube.  We will also post our weekly bulletins and “News and Do’s for Those in the Pews” via our Prayer Chain e-mail list.

     We are implementing the following safeguards, and hope and pray you observe them…

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly (for at least thirty seconds) with soap and warm water prior to leaving home.  Hand sanitizers should not be solely relied upon—but there are hand sanitizer dispensers, in plain sight, in all of our buildings.
  • Whenever possible, persons of the same residence/household should sit together.  Other worshipers should sit six (6) feet between you and the next person or group.  Please DO NOT sit in the pews marked with blue tape.
  • Instead of handshakes, fist-bumps or hugging, we prefer you practice verbal welcoming with a warm “glad to see you” or “love you.”
  • We will NOTbe passing the collection plates during the Offering space in the Service, nor will we be using hymnals.  Offering plates will be in both the front and the rear of the Sanctuary near each exit to receive your “drop-in-the-plate” tithes and gifts.
  • Everyone is strongly requested to wear a mask or face covering during the Service.  By now, we all have one.  These will help prevent you from transmitting the virus (should you appear to be asymptomatic and be infected)—or from being infected yourself.  It will also give some comfort to other worshippers.  Please also respect the wishes of others who feel difficulty breathing while wearing a mask.


     May the power of Almighty God, and the Great Physician Jesus Christ, watch over us as we transition into a more “normal” routine.  We WILLget through this together—with love, understanding and patience.  May the Holy Spirit continue to guard us and guide us in all that we do.



                                                 And the Journey Continues,


                                                                   Pastor Ken




Danny Backman – Trustees President

Roger Backman – Finance Chair

Sylvia Backman – Worship Chair

Dot Black – Assoc. Lay Leader

Neil Craps – Lay Leader

Ryan Lindler – Staff Parish Relations Chair

Sandra Padgett – Discipleship Ministries Director

Lyndell Shealy – Church Council Chair

Susan Sheldon – Staff Parish Relations Vice-Chair

Ben Treaster – Security and Safety Coordinator

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church - (803) 894-3930 / Pastor Ken Prill (803) 873-7742