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                                                                                                    February 16, 2021

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Season of Lent
     This special season of our liturgical year begins tomorrow.  Today is known in many Christian denominations as Shrove Tuesday—the last day before Lent.  Traditionally, many Christian cultures over-eat on this day, just before beginning their observance of a season of fasting, self-denial, repentance of sin and penance.  Here at Boiling Springs UMC, we will hold a pancake supper with all the trimmings, as you are already aware.  We hope many of you will be participating tonight.
     Lent begins tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday.  At our special Service of Worship (at 7:00 PM), we will “travel” with Jesus in a guided meditation, as He intimately confronts our very inner selves.  As Jesus did totally recognize God’s call in His life, so too must each of us recognize the calling of God in our own life, ready our response, and ultimately strive to faithfully keep our promise to live out that call.  We will personally and privately recognize and list our sins and shortcomings.  We will personally and privately enumerate some of them to no one else but Jesus.  We will have the opportunity to leave our sins at the foot of the Cross—for Jesus to take them upon Himself.  If we are successful, we shall leave our Sanctuary feeling cleansed, while surely remembering the Savior who took those sins upon Himself for our sake.
     Following our short journey and communing with Jesus we shall, for those who would like to participate, receive the imposition of ashes—symbolizing our knowledge and belief that we are mere mortals, both coming from and returning one day to dust.
     During this pandemic, we have been forced to alter our meetings, observances and religious practices.  It is our hope and prayer that this virus will soon be vanquished, and that we may return to our new “normal” very soon.  Until then, may we remain close to one another in our thoughts and prayers, that the Holy Spirit may both guard us and guide us in all that we do and are.  And the journey continues…
                                     Pastor Ken

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