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A Lenten Message from Our Pastor

March 1, 2022


Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In just two days, we shall observe Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Lenten season. It has been said that “Lent is the most favorable season for renewing our encounter with Christ!” It is our opportunity, during this season of repentance, introspection, and remembrance, to use this time for regaining our perspective in life and get closer to the One who suffered and died in our place.


This year, we are confronted with the Russian invasion into Ukraine. As the days go by, we see more and more brutality and genocide, courage and sacrifice. It is on all our minds, and consumes us with anxiety, worry, anger and doubt. Although I was born immediately after World War II during which my father served in the Pacific, I can vividly remember the accounts of memories that war from my school days. Some of the events that precipitated Hitler’s rise to power by invading Poland strike a stark similarity to Putin’s invasion into Ukraine. Our prayer is that history is not repeating itself—as those who should learn from the mistakes of the past, we as a human race have always been failing students. 


Our prayers go out to the Ukrainian people, to President Volodomyr Zelenskyy. Prayers and protection also to United Methodist Bishop Eduard Khegay and his area of responsibility (which includes both the Ukraine and Russia). May God give Bishop Khegay the wisdom and grace that he needs in his ministry and leadership, under these challenging circumstances.


Each and every day of our lives, we are tested. We are tested by the Evil One, to see if we will succumb to the darkness of evil and sin, or if we will gravitate to, and be one with, the Savior of the world! Even Jesus was sorely tested, as we all know (we’ve read The Book). The Season of Lent, of course, commemorates the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert—the proving ground for prophets—and how he overcame the Evil One and the easy way out. We can, and must, do the same. As Christians, we are called to be and do no less!


May this season of Lent, and the power of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ that follows it, give us the opportunity to renew our commitment to Jesus and to the Church. May this holy time bring us closer to the God who created us, and to the Savior who redeemed us! The choice is ours. Do we just speak our faith, or do we truly live it?


We hope to see all of you at our Ash Wednesday service and at Sunday morning Worship during this Lenten season. May God’s precious Holy Spirit guard and guide you in all that you do…



Pastor Ken

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