Young Adults

It all started with a "free" rose bush.  Now we all know that "free" is not always free.  There is a cost and in this case it costs a lot of physical labor to plant that "free" rose bush.  Well, not the first one anyway.

My sister-in-law, Debbie, was redoing her landscaping and had one rose bush she could no longer use.  So she offered it to me and I of course said yes.  I was thinking a small rose bush say 1 or 2 feet tall.  No, this one was much bigger.  Which meant that the hole had to be huge - as in the size of Texas huge.  And I decided to to it the proper way with great expectations that it will prosper for many years.  So I spent a good part of the day digging that ginormous hole, shoveling some dirt back in to level the bottom out, putting in the plant, shoveling more dirt in, adding water to settle the dirt, repeat 20 times and you get the idea.  I was exhausted by the time I was done.  But I was inspired as I see the buds starting to bloom so I had the brilliant (at the time) idea to plant more large rose bushes.
Everywhere I sunk the shovel in hit something, rock, root, something!!!!! It was very frustrating.  However, my good neighbor and friend, Bob Hardee, came to my rescue. He had just purchased a new John Deere small tractor with a small scoop implement on the back.  In no time at all he had dug a nice deep trench for my new roses (which I have not bought yet).  The thing that amazed both Bob and me was how many buried roots of all sizes there were in that small area.  We had trees cut down over 20 years ago and yet the roots thrived underground all these years.
It made me think of all the hidden roots we have in our own lives.  The disagreements we have left unresolved, the hurts and anger that we thought we had let go of years ago, the bad habits that were just waiting for a break in our resolve to show back up.  But like the roots that Bob uncovered for me, we can do something about our "roots" that have now been exposed.  We can cut each one out of our lives once and for all.  The physical roots I can get rid of with pruners and the axe.  The hidden "roots" of mine will take much more work.  It will require prayer, Bible study and even talking with people I should have talked to long ago.  If it doesn't get done now, those roots will continue to thrive forever.
Lord, today help me get rid of the "roots" that are thriving under the surface of my life.  Help me snip them off one by one and make sure they never come back.  I ask that you be my "pruner & axe" with each and every one of them.  Thank you for being such a great Gardener in my life.

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