Daddy's Hands
by Sylvia Backman





I would like to say a special "Thank You" to Mrs. Sandra Padgett who delivered our Father's Day message on 6/18.  Sandra was filling in for Pastor Ken who was scheduled to be in New York for his annual cancer health screeing.  His testing ended up being done on Friday instead of the following Tuesday so he was able to have the rare pleasure of sitting in the congregation with his wife.

Sandra gave a very heartfelt message about Fathers and she reminded us that fathers are not perfect.  She spoke of the great memories she had of her own father, Mr. Maurice Miller.  She told of her father taking her fishing when she was little.

The Praise Band sang "Daddy's Hands" at the 8:30 worship service and the choir ladies sang it at the 10:30 service.  The choir men sang "Thanks to Calvary", a wonderful song about making changes to be a better man and father to their children.  The choir sang "Faith of our Fathers" reminding us of the faith that many of our forefathers had building up the church and community we call home.

As many of you know, I was raised at Thornwell Orphanage in Clinton, SC.  I was sent to Thornwell just 2 weeks after my 8th birthday.  My father was killed on 4-1-1965 and we were taken to Thornwell on 4-3-1965.  Our grandparents were all the family we had and they were not able to take care of 6 young children ranging in ages from 9 months to 9 years old.  Being so young I do not have hardly any memories of my father because he worked out of town during the week.

But I have many memories and lessons learned from my Grandfather.  My grandparents instilled the importance of going to church on Sundays.  My grandfather was a farmer and I actually learned a good bit about patience from him.  He would plant a huge watermelon patch and would have me go along with him and plant seeds.  3 seeds to a small indented area in the row - only 3 - no more or less.  After what seemed like forever and 100 rows I wanted to start putting handfuls of seeds in each hole.  if I did he would make me go back and count them out again.  I don't think it was because putting 2 or 4 seeds would really make a difference in the big picture but that if you did it the right way first you would not have to go back and do it again.

He would remind me that doing something correctly the first time saved time and energy.  When something was really important he always said "You savvy what I am telling you girl?"  Savvy was his magic word.  I knew it was serious then.

So whether it was your dad or grandfather they taught you some real valuable life lessons.  They may not have been perfect but you never "took for granted the love of Daddy's hands".

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