Sunshine Club
by JoAnn Gunter

                                     Officers for 2018:

                                     President--Janice Craps
                                     Vice President--Carolyn Taylor
                                     Secretary/Treasurer--JoAnn Gunter
                                     Devotions--Jean Koon and Patsy Amick
                                     Communications--Judy Johnson
                                     Food Coordinator--Rebecca Lutz
                                     Year Book--Rebecca Lutz and JoAnn Gunter
The Sunshine Club Meeting was held June 4, 2018.  Our entertainment was the BSUMC Praise Team--Jerry Gable, Len Craps and Bob Hardee plus Bryan Ballington.   They presented some great singing and music.
There were 48 members and guest in attendance.  We welcomed our guest Ola Mae & Eddie Steele, Doris Azell Gable, Elizabeth Allen, Marisa Bertocchi, Sonya Bertocchi and Bryan Ballington.
We had a great meal provided by Brenda & Jerry Gable, Kathy and Bob Hardee and Sylvia & Rev. Ken Prill.  Our meal consisted of baked spaghetti, lasagna, manicotti, garden salad, pasta salad, bread, apple cake, pecan cheesecake, chocolate eclaire pie, strawberry truffle, pineapple upside down cake, four layer chocolate dessert, and candy bar pie.
Next meeting--July 2, 2018--Singin Steven and surprise guests will be providing our entertainment.
JoAnn H. Gunter
Sunshine Club Secretary/Treasurer
Boiling Springs United Methodist Church

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church - (803) 894-3930 / Pastor Ken Prill (803) 873-7742