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**** we are SPREADing THE LOVE this Homecoming  Sunday - October 19th ****
		Purchase a case of Peanut Butter in honor of someone today.  We have a pallet of peanut butter that has been donated to the church as part of an outreach mission.  
You have the opportunity to purchase a case of peanut butter for $15.  The peanut butter and money for the purchase will all be donated to LICS (Lexington Interfaith Community Services).  If you purchase a case in honor of someone, you will be given a card with their name on the front and your name on the back.  This card can be used as a Christmas ornament on their tree reminding them of your generosity. Purchase as many as you wish.  We have 195 cases for sale.
Every person who purchases a case of peanut butter will be given a weight ticket. We would like to have the ticket brought to the church next Sunday and placed in a bowl located on the table at the back of the church.
We would like you to take the cases of peanut butter to LICS as soon as possible.  If you cannot or do not wish to take your cases to LICS we have people standing by who would be glad to do that for you.  The goal is to get the entire pallet of peanut butter to LICS next week.

You may pay online or send your form with a check made payable to Boiling Springs UMC and earmark it for Peanut Butter.





Sunday, October 19th


Pastor Randy Smith - guest pastor


Covered dish dinner following the 10:30 service



    Special Music on Sunday, October 26


Beverly Taylor leads the music in both worship services on 10.26.14.  With over 30 years in music ministry, she enjoys sharing the love of God more now than ever. She shares the trials that have become her testimony, the blessings that have encouraged her, and the encounters of the Holy Spirit that have delivered her. Beverly’s desire today is to pour God’s love out to the world as hope for the hopeless, victory to the defeated and love to the loveless. 

Visit her website at beverlytaylorministries.com

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church