Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


“Grace and peace to you from God our Creator, from the Lord Jesus Christ

our Savior, and from the Holy Spirit—our Comforter and Sustainer!

The risen Christ is with us!  Praise the Lord!”


     These very words, heart-felt and genuine, began many a letter I received from the  Bishops with whom I served over the past thirty-five years.  As all of you know, I “retired” from the New York Conference three and a half years ago.  My intention was to live the rest of my life in quiet solitude, doing little or nothing, and perhaps helping some much younger Pastor once in a while.  God had different ideas!     I cannot believe that I have completed the first half year as your Pastor.  It is my hope and prayer that many more years will follow.


     I write this letter today to share with you that Sylvia and I now have a new home.  The South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church is now our new home.  And more importantly, Boiling Springs United Methodist Church is our new home.  If “home” is defined as “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household,” or “a target destination,” or “a place where something flourishes,” then we are definitely “HOME!”


     This letter from the heart will serve as our invitation to you—to have you, along with your family and friends, to join us for our HOMECOMING SUNDAY CELEBRATION!  The date is October 25th, and we will begin with a combined Service of Worship at 10:30 AM, incorporating both contemporary and traditional special music from both our Praise Band and our Chancel Choir.  Our preacher for the day will be the Rev. John Wesley Culp, founder of the Salkehatchie Summer Service, and our “interim pastor” for a few weeks just before my appointment here at Boiling Springs.  Rev. John indeed is a treasured colleague, and has become my mentor and very good friend.  We are honored to have him with us!


     Following the Service, we will do that for which United Methodists are famous:  have fellowship with one another and a Covered Dish lunch.  Bring your very best favorite salad, vegetable, meat/fish dish or dessert to share with all our many members and friends.  Please come “HOME” and join with us on this very special day of Spirit-filled worship, and lots of love and great fellowship!  Hope to see you on October 25th!

“To God be the glory!   Great things has God done!


                                                                      Pastor Ken

Boiling Springs United Methodist Church