2018 Flower Chart

Flowers may be placed in the Sanctuary altar area for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.   Below is the list of Sundays for 2018.  If there is a blank date, please contact Sylvia Backman at unicornsyl@aol.com to reserve that particular date for your special flowers.

If you just want to put flowers in for no reason feel free to do that as well.  Flowers can be taken to a shut-in or someone in the hospital or nursing facility if you wish following the worship service on that particular day.



7     Rose & Paul Bass in honor of their 48th anniversary
14   Sylvia & Roger Backman in honor of Jim Backman’s 93rd birthday
21    Jerry & Brenda Gable
28   Sylvia Prill in honor of Ken’s 71st birthday
4     Sandra & Harold Padgett in memory of Bessie Miller & honor of Marjorie Padgett's birthdays
11   Ken Prill in honor of Sylvia Prill’s birthday / Dan & Dianne Kinzly in honor of their anniversary
18   Roger & Sylvia Backman in honor of their 33rd anniversary
25    Ben & Melissa Treaster in honor of Maddie's birthday
4     Bob & Kathy Hardee in honor of their 45th Anniversary (3/3)
11    Dianne & Dan Kinzly
18    Thelma Keith
25    Jim & Debbie Little in honor of Walt Crozier's 80th birthday
1     Easter flowers by congregation
8      Laura Smith in memory of Paul Ray Miller's birthday
15   Backman family in memory of Zelma Backman’s birthday
22    Wayne & Mabel Burdett
29     Mary Ellen & Amy Ricard
6     Charles & Carolyn Taylor in honor of their 58th Anniversary
13   Sunshine Club in honor & memory of all mothers
20    Johnnie Sue Hinson
27    Worship Committee in memory of all military personnel
3     Backman family in memory of Zelma Backman
10   Sonya & Kyle Craft in memory of Ernest Wooten
17   Sunshine Club in honor & memory of all fathers
24    Dianne & Dan Kinzly
1     Chancel choir in honor of Darlene Harmon’s birthday
8     Sandra & Johnny Ballington in memory of Marguerite Ballington
15   Harvey & Patsy Amick
22   Debbie & Jay Jeffcoat in honor of their 29th anniversary
29   Jean & Luther Koon
5    Laura Smith / Timmy & Paula Koon in honor of their 44th anniversary
12   Tim Nunley
19    Sheila Mack
26    Christina & Chris Galvin in memory of their son, Brace Raven Galvin
2      Bonny & Bert Clamp
9     Dustin & Amy Gunter in honor of their anniversary
16   Ken & Sylvia Prill in honor of their 50th anniversary
23    Phyllis & Craig Wooten in honor of Chase's birthday
30    Sandra & Harold Padgett
7      Helen Hood Renew in honor of Mary Jo Hood's birthday
14    Chris Galvin & Anna Sparks in honor of Christina Galvin's birthday
21    Amanda Kaminer in honor of her 20th anniversary
28     Tabitha & Jason Campana
4     Sandra & Johnny Ballington in honor of their 56th anniversary
11   Chancel Choir in honor of all Veterans
18    Rose Bass in honor of Paul's birthday
25    Dianne & Dan Kinzly
2    Tim & Susan Sheldon
9     Donna Chapman
16    Ben Treaster in honor of Melissa's birthday
23   Poinsettias
30    Jason & Tabitha Campana



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