Pastor Ken's Korner


“Grace, mercy and peace from God our Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ!

The risen Christ is with us!  Praise the Lord!”


     If you are asking the question, “What took you so long?” – it is a valid question, to be sure!  A couple of us had a conversation just yesterday, and we vowed to get our website improved and current, and for this Pastor to get a message on it each month ON TIME!  The same message should be sent out over the Prayer Chain e-mail list, and posted on Facebook as well.  We often can come up with a host of “excuses” for not doing important things, and few “reasons.”  In any case, thank you for hearing my Confession, and I hope for corporate forgiveness!


     These have been busy times for our Church, as it should always be!  OurHarvel W. Koon, Sr. Handicap Ramp and Covered Walkway building project has been completed and dedicated.  It has gone into the history of Boiling Springs United Methodist Church as yet another example of what happens when disciples come together (with a good dose of the Holy Spirit) to do the work of the Master.  It is used every day that the Church is open for worship, mission, ministry and fellowship.  What a jewel in the heavenly crown of our resident architect, brother, prophet and visionary—Harvel Koon!


     I attended this year’s South Carolina Annual Conference earlier this month, along with our lay member delegate, Walt Crozier.  This year, it was held for the first time at the TD Convention Center in Greenville.  Meeting old friends and making new ones, attending some really awesome worship, discussing and debating questions both business and spiritual, getting new ideas and inspiration—all these things and more are a part of the Conference experience.  Those who are able should attend with me next year.


     This coming Sunday, (June 25th) will be celebrated as New Member Sunday, as we receive into formal membership thirteen adults and children:  two by adult Holy Baptism, two by Profession of Faith, six by Letter of Transfer from other United Methodist Churches, and three Probationary members (as they are minor children of adults who are joining).  This is indeed one of the greatest signs of a growing and deepening Christian fellowship!  In addition, over the next couple of months, we will be baptizing the four little treasured blessings who have been born in our midst! 


     Yet another important event will be happening soon.  On Saturday, July 22nd, our Church Council will be getting together for its semi-annual marathon planning meeting.  At this conference, we will set the program calendar of our local Church for the next six months, and conduct such other business as may come before the Council.  We are most grateful for Chairperson Dot Black and all our Council members.  Their tireless efforts and dedication, coming from every aspect of the Church’s worship, ministry, mission and fellowship—make our Boiling Springs UMC the success that it has become!


    Your Pastor could not function effectively without the integrity, loyalty, depth of faith and good counsel of a close group of special people.  I can call upon them at any time, for any reason (and I do!).  I refer to them as my “Super Seven”--  Dot Black, Sylvia Backman, Walt Crozier, Beth Henrick, Sandra Padgett, Tony Ray Smith and Ben Treaster.  Difficulties are dealt with immediately and confidentially because of this trusted group of disciples!


     May God continue to bless the ministry of Jesus Christ here—our members and friends who come together so that God’s “…kingdom {may} come, God’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” because of what we do together!   With faith, hope, love and peace, the journey continues…

                                                                Pastor Ken

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